Family Ties

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  • Family Ties touches on the multi-layered bonds that connect those closest to us, our given and adopted family members, friends, and community. These bonds are manifested in traditions, shared history, common spaces, and elements of identity encompassing everything from the rituals and patterns of styling hair, the particulars of gathering places for food and meals, and the textures and shades of skin. The concept of family in this way defines itself in answering the question “Where and who are your people?” Apart from an interpretation of separation or divisiveness, this question is more productively understood as leaning in and drawing upon connections that are essential for unity, health, and well-being, especially during a time when we seem to need these things the most.

    The exhibition features ceramic sculptures by Shea Burke, Patrice Renee Washington, and Ebitenyefa Baralaye and paintings by Patrick Quarm.

    - Ebitenyefa Baralaye

  • Images: David Klein Gallery