Exhibition: Moscow Clayworks

Posted: Jul-17-2011 | City:

In 2006 I did a summer assistantship at Peters Valley Craft Center's ceramics department that significantly pushed my sense of creative freedom as an artist. In the woods of the valley, surrounded by the dust of clay and the smoke of fiery kilns, I produced what ultimately became the first models of my recently completed bronze series. I also had the pleasure of meeting and being inspired by many artists, namely the head of Peters Valley's ceramics department, Bruce Dehnert. At Moscow Clayworks Bruce has organized a show of works from assistants he has overseen through his tenure. I will be exhibiting my piece, Jonah. For those of you who can make it out to Moscow PA or live nearby, you are encouraged to attend the show. It's a delightful display of artwork from a diverse range of artists. Details are below:

Moscow Clayworks
Sunday, July 17th 2011 - September 2011
223 N. Main St. Moscow. PA. 18444

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