Group Exhibition: "Of Other Spaces" at Guerrero Gallery

Posted: Jan-19-2019 | City: San Francisco, CA
Of Other Spaces

"Of Other Spaces", is an exhibition by The Black Infinity Collective at Guerrero Gallery composed of work by artists Ebitenyefa Baralaye, LaShae Boyd, Jay Katelansky, Luis Pinto, Luke Sirimongkhon, and Yetunde Olagbaju.The show takes conceptual cues from "Of Other Spaces: Utopias and Heterotopias" by philosopher Michel Foucault. In this writing, Foucault makes a detailed critique of societal structures, social norms, and our relationship to space, while proposing the possibility for a new set of relationships. The artists in the show use a range of imagery and language to answer or question the ways in which we inhabit our realities. "Of Other Spaces" is driven by imagining new modes of belonging in diversely populated environments, where space can potentially unfold perpetually. This show is a prequel to the Black Infinity's forthcoming summer exhibition "Pull-Up" exploring; gentrification, diaspora, and immigration.

Reception: Saturday, 1/19/19, 6pm to 9pm
Artist Talk: Thursday, 1/25/19, 7pm
Duration: Saturday, 1/19/19 to Saturday, 2/16/19
Location: Guerrero Gallery, 1465 Custer Ave, San Francisco, California 94124

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